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Home Electric Car Charging

Home Electric Car Charging

Denver is no stranger to electric cars or EV, there even have been initiatives for infrastructure improvement to increase the amount of electric car charging stations around the area. However, it will take time for more and more electric car charging stations to be...

Smoke Detector Safety

The National Fire Alarm Code, developed by the NFPA, requires a smoke detector in each sleeping room and on each level of the house. Because smoke rises, mount detectors high on a wall or on the ceiling. Place them in an area away from air vents. The basement ceiling...

Upgrading your Service Panel

Insurance companies are requiring that homeowners replace their fuse boxes with circuit breaker panels in order to comply with the current fire and safety standards. Even the old Federal Pacific Electric FPE Panel/Breaker Hazard Summary breaker panels installed in new...

Knob & Tube

Was your home built before the 1940s? Do you have knob and tube wires running through your basement or attic? The electrical systems of older homes were not designed to handle today’s electrical demands. The kitchen is the area where this is most noticeable, with the...

Electrical Panels

Is your electrical panel box old and outdated?  Does your electrical panel make a crackling sound? Is the panel manufactured by Zinsco or Federal Pacific? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this may be a warning sign that your electrical panel or your...

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