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O’Brien Electrical Contractors a family-owned and operated company based in Aurora, Colorado. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality electrical repair service and install. We are a full-service electrical contractor design/build company with a wide range of experience. Whether your project is residential electric or commercial electric, we can help you with all phases of new construction, remodeling, or electrical repair service work. Our excellent reputation and a long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty, and integrity. Let’s discuss your ideas!


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Denver Metro Professional Electrical Services


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O’Brien Electrical Contractors is proud to be helping residents and businesses alike with high quality electrical repair and services. We aim to maintain a superior experience that you can rely on for your commercial electric or residential electric projects. Seem some of our reviews and accolades here to learn why.

Great service and professionalism during an unprecedented time. Everyone is trying to hire an electrician right now. I called over 11 electrical companies for an estimate. Due to COVID-19, most these companies either didn't call me back or their estimate was thousands of dollars over what Angie's list said was normal. Rick came to my house to complete an estimate on the day that I inquired. As for the work, he upgraded my dangerous Federal Pacific electric panel and replaced 3 broken light fixtures and a switch. His price was very reasonable and he made sure I understood how the new panel was labeled and the details of the additional work his team completed. O'Brien Electric - Aurora= great service
Karen Ritchlin
Karen Ritchlin
Rick did all the electrical for our addition along with updating some electrical in the old part of our house several years ago. It is great to know his company still offers quality and reputable service so many years later. Tim M provided the service this time and did a terrific job and was pleasant too. Our motto "We will stick with Rick !!"
Anna Gurican
Anna Gurican
Very knowledgeable, reliable and efficient. We are very grateful for all the service that O’Brien Electric provided. Both my husband and myself definitely recommend this company above all others
Lindsey Pekas
Lindsey Pekas
They did a phenomenal job, and they had the best price out of the 10 companies I contacted. I will be calling O'Brien for any future electrical needs!
Robert Wallace
Robert Wallace
Rick gave me a very reasonable price to bring in two new circuits and wire the perimeter of my unfinished basement. At the scheduled time and after a confirming phone call from Rick, another O'brien employee appeared - sorry, can't remember his name. He was friendly, courteous and polite and quickly did the work and did it well. I'm very satisfied with the whole experience, from my first phone call to the finished job. Very professional. They're now at the top of my rather short list. Thanks!
HomeAdvisor Tenured Pro - O'Brien Electrical Contractors, LLC
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Electrical Contractor Services in Aurora, Denver, and More

O’Brien Electrical Contractors is your premier electrical service company. O’Brien Electrical Contractors is fully staffed with electricians ready to take your call for any electrical service request whether it be for residential and commercial projects. No matter the scope, O’Brien can offer an efficient and professional service for repairs, remodels, and new construction.

Don’t hesitate to reach out as we will work with your schedule to visit your site and thoroughly inspect the job to offer a 100% free estimate. Backed with our experience and complete know-how we can guarantee you will have a proposal that is both efficient and cost-effective. Saving you time and money is just one of our service promises made towards our amazing clients of Denver Metro Area.


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We are proud to serve the Denver Metro Area and Neighborhoods with exceptional workmanship and detail. We have electrical repair services to Aurora, Denver, Westminster, Stapleton, Littleton, Lakewood, and more. Contact us today for high quality electrical contractor services.

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As summer approaches, it’s essential to consider a crucial aspect of your home that often goes unnoticed – the wiring. While it’s easy to overlook, ensuring the integrity of your electrical system becomes paramount, especially during summer storms. Don’t wait for disaster to strike; an electrical inspection this summer can be a lifesaver, preventing potential troubles down the road. Schedule an electrical inspection this summer to avoid complications in your home’s systems while guaranteeing safety and efficiency.

Electrical Safety Guide for the Summer

As the summer season arrives, it’s crucial to prioritize electrical safety in all our outdoor activities. Whether we’re working with power tools, planting trees, or enjoying outdoor entertainment, implementing safety measures is essential to prevent accidents and ensure a pleasant summer experience. In this article, we will explore a comprehensive range of tips for summer electrical safety, covering various aspects of outdoor electrical usage. From maintaining a safe distance from power lines to proper handling of extension cords and ensuring pool safety, these guidelines are designed to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property while enjoying the sunny season. So, let’s dive into these invaluable electrical safety tips and ensure that this summer is filled with both fun and a commitment to safety in every electrical endeavor.

How Summer Storms Can Damage Your Electrical Service

Summer officially arrived after what seemed like a rainy and dreary couple of weeks, now Denver and most of the metropolitan area are experiencing dramatic summer storm weather. In fact, last week Highlands Ranch experienced its first-ever Tornado which caused sweeping damages to residents and businesses. The day before, Red Rocks Amphitheater experienced golf ball-sized hail and severe rainfall injuring dozens of people attending a concert. High winds, hail, severe thunderstorms, and even tornadoes have the potential to damage your Electrical Service. Obrien Electrical Contractors is a licensed electrician but there are certain nuances about who to contact and what should be done when it comes to repairing your home’s electrical services from Summer storms.

Are GFCI outlets Important?

Outlets play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones, surpassing their perceived significance. These seemingly insignificant devices serve as the access point for electricity, a potent force that, if mishandled, can result in severe injuries or even loss of life. When functioning correctly, electricity follows a path from the right prong of a device’s plug and returns through the left prong. However, electricity tends to seek the shortest route to the ground, referred to as a “ground fault.” A ground fault can occur intentionally, with electricity redirected to the ground through a wire, or unintentionally. Regrettably, unplanned ground faults within a household can lead to electrocutions, as the current may inadvertently flow through a person’s body.

How Much Does It Cost to Rewire a Home in Denver

If you suspect that your home’s wiring needs to be replaced, it’s crucial to act promptly to avoid electrical fires. To ensure the safety of your home and family, you need to keep the electrical wiring in good condition. However, the cost of whole-home rewiring varies based on several factors, but generally, it ranges from $2,000 to $20,000 in Denver.

Updating Home Wiring During a Remodel

Something that can be overlooked when initially planning a home remodel can be the electrical wiring of your home. Older homes will likely be insufficient for the electrical demands of modern daily life. This actually makes a home remodel the perfect time to perform a home wiring project and update the old existing wiring. You may have some worries about what will be required of the electrical wiring throughout your home when performing a remodel. Although the resulting repairs can sometimes be significant, the advantages are certainly worth it. Ensuring that your electrical system is up-to-date will provide peace of mind for your family’s safety and your home’s protection from possible electrical hazards. Additionally, upgrading the wiring will enable modern appliances to consume energy appropriately without frequently tripping the breakers. A thorough inspection will also ensure that your property is compliant with local building codes, prioritize safety, reduce insurance premiums, and make it easier to sell in the future.

Obrien Electrical Contractors Offers Commercial Electrician Services

To achieve our goals, we offer competitive pricing models for our services, deliver comprehensive and high-quality work, and aim to surpass all expectations. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure the timely delivery of the required services within the allocated budget. Obrien Electrical Contractors is your go-to destination for a highly skilled commercial electrician in Denver. No need to search further!

Electrifying your home

In an effort to cut down on emissions, Colorado has been pushing new building codes and regulations for further homes to be more emission-free. This means that homes will be opting for electrical replacements of their fossil-fueled counterparts. Common everyday items such as combustion vehicles, gas furnaces, boilers, water heaters, fireplaces, dryers, and stoves – all will be recommended to be changed out for more sustainable options. Residents will be asked to consider fully electric vehicles (EVs), air-source heat pumps, electric water heaters, and electric stovetops.

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

Christmas is upon us as with the rest of all our holiday traditions, like many of us here in the Denver Metro area our homes and halls are decked out in decorations. There is no better way to show off your holiday spirit and Christmas cheer than bright beaming lights covering every square foot of your Denver home. While we won’t discourage the excessive use of Christmas lights we still want to remind everyone of a few holiday electrical safety tips. That way the festive strings of lights, inflatable Santas, and singing fish all work without a care in the world.

Do not use an extension cord with a space heater

As electrical contractors, we feel it is important to provide you with informative tips about running anything electrical in your home. Since the weather has turned to the colder months, many of you have brought the space heater or portable heater out of storage to supplement your comfort. The operation of these devices is perfectly normal and encouraged. However, do not use an extension cord with a space heater. Operating a heater of any kind through the use of an extension cord or power strip is risky and can cause damage to your electrical system and home. Do you want to learn more about why?

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