Christmas is upon us as with the rest of all our holiday traditions, like many of us here in the Denver Metro area our homes and halls are decked out in decorations. There is no better way to show off your holiday spirit and Christmas cheer than bright beaming lights covering every square foot of your Denver home. While we won’t discourage the excessive use of Christmas lights we still want to remind everyone of a few holiday electrical safety tips. That way the festive strings of lights, inflatable Santas, and singing fish all work without a care in the world.

Real Christmas Trees Need To be Maintained

Some households prefer a real live conifer in their home to represent the family’s holiday spirit. However, if this is the first time your home has introduced a real tree just know there is real danger associated with it. To avoid possible fire hazards, remember that a real Christmas tree needs to be watered. A dry pine tree wrapped in electrical lights and features is a dangerous combination. By watering your Christmas regularly, you are keeping the tree fresher and safer.

Inspect your Christmas Lights

Another Holiday themed electrical safety tip is to inspect your Christmas lights. Make sure your lighting features are in top shape and aren’t exhibiting any signs of overheating:

  • Inspect stringed lights for wear and tear; specifically, identify signs of melting or fraying.
  • Replace outdated lights – lights should have a fused plug (older ones will not have this safety feature) as it helps prevent sparks.
  • Replace burned-out bulbs, and ensure the replacements are the correct wattage (or update your lights to LED bulbs).
  • Skip the nails and screws, instead use insulated hooks or temporary adhesives
  • Set your timer to conserve electricity use and avoid overheating.

General Electrical Safety Tips for Decorations

Other than managing your strings of lights, other decorations that are put up to celebrate Christmas require some consideration as well. Here are some general electrical safety tips that cover general electrical use in your home:

  • Avoid overloading your electrical circuit breaker, do not plug all your electrical appliances into one outlet – space them out.
  • Plan your decorations according to the availability of outlets throughout your home
  • Inspect the quality of your outlets (see signs of burning or damage)

Signs your home needs electrical repairs

When everything is all said and done, there may be signs your home requires some electrical repairs or electrical services. Despite doing everything by the book a home sometimes just needs a professional electrician or electrical contractor to pay a visit. If you notice any of these symptoms or problems you might need to give a call to Obrien Electrical Contractors:

  • Dimming or flickering of lights
  • Power Surges
  • Appliance trip GFCI or circuit breakers
  • Outlets are wobbly or damaged
  • Outlets spark or smoke
  • Christmas lighting does not turn on

Your home’s electrical wiring might need to be updated if you notice any of these problems. If so, be sure to reach out to Obrien Electrical Contractors to have your home’s electrical system serviced. Obrien can give you a quick consultation over the phone and schedule to inspect your home. For more information about Christmas decoration electrical safety advice, head on over to the International Electrical Safety Foundation. Obrien Electrical Contractors wants to wish you a safe and fun holiday season!

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