Something that can be overlooked when initially planning a home remodel can be the electrical wiring of your home. Older homes will likely be insufficient for the electrical demands of modern daily life. This actually makes a home remodel the perfect time to perform a home wiring project and update the old existing wiring. You may have some worries about what will be required of the electrical wiring throughout your home when performing a remodel. Although the resulting repairs can sometimes be significant, the advantages are certainly worth it. Ensuring that your electrical system is up-to-date will provide peace of mind for your family’s safety and your home’s protection from possible electrical hazards. Additionally, upgrading the wiring will enable modern appliances to consume energy appropriately without frequently tripping the breakers. A thorough inspection will also ensure that your property is compliant with local building codes, prioritize safety, reduce insurance premiums, and make it easier to sell in the future.

What are common electrical wiring problems in older homes?

You may be asking yourself, how will I know if my home wiring is causing problems? After all, age is just a number when it comes to a home. There are various signs that experts like Obrien Electrical Contractors look for. And a complimentary consultation is usually all it takes to determine if your home remodel should include updating home wiring. Some of these signs of electrical problems are:

  • A Fuse Box instead of a Circuit Breaker / Electrical Panel. Circuit breakers or electrical panels are the standards for homes, these electrical control components are in charge of directing electricity safely and efficiently through zones of the home. If an area of the home suddenly overloads with electricity the circuit breaker will automatically switch off, preventing dangerous situations. Fuse boxes will instead “blow” and possibly cause melting or fire hazards. For home remodels most city inspectors will require that the fuse box is replaced with an electrical panel.
  • Knob and Tube Wiring. A Common method of wiring back in the day, this type of wiring can be found in homes around the 1950s. This type of wiring does not provide the right amount of electricity to run most modern appliances or demands. This will cause overheating and be a source of fire hazards.
  • Aluminum Wiring. Another older wiring method for homes, this type of wiring is outdated and replaced with modern home wiring because aluminum is superconductive and prone to heating up. 
  • Circuit Breakers Trip and GFCI Trip. Even newer homes might have issues if a home is experiencing tripper breakers or GFCI outlets switching off – a home remodel will provide a perfect opportunity to get an electrician in to see what the problem is.
  • Old Outlets. Finally, outlets in an older home are a sign that a residence is due for a home wiring project. The lack of outlets and accessibility is a problem for a modern home whose number of devices requires more outlets in general. Also, some outlets will be so outdated that they cannot provide the right amount of electricity to a device safely. Updating and adding outlets is a perfect project to add to a home remodel.

What to expect when updating home wiring

During an electrical inspection, a licensed electrician will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all electrical systems, including wiring and appliances, to ensure they meet safety standards. Here’s an overview of what to expect during an electrical inspection.

The electrician will inspect light switches and wall outlets for any signs of damage or overheating caused by faulty wiring. They will also assess all shock and electrocution hazards, such as overloaded circuits and exposed wires.

Additionally, the electrician will verify that arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) are functioning correctly to prevent arcing from loose connections. They will check all safety and security lighting, confirm the grounding system is operational to reduce the risk of electrocution in wet areas and test the whole-house surge protector if present.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will be checked for proper placement and tested for functionality. The electrical panel will be inspected for appropriate labeling, amperage, and operation. Finally, any outdoor electrical systems will be thoroughly examined.

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