Summer officially arrived after what seemed like a rainy and dreary couple of weeks, now Denver and most of the metropolitan area are experiencing dramatic summer storm weather. In fact, last week Highlands Ranch experienced its first-ever Tornado which caused sweeping damages to residents and businesses. The day before, Red Rocks Amphitheater experienced golf ball-sized hail and severe rainfall injuring dozens of people attending a concert. High winds, hail, severe thunderstorms, and even tornadoes have the potential to damage your Electrical Service. Obrien Electrical Contractors is a licensed electrician but there are certain nuances about who to contact and what should be done when it comes to repairing your home’s electrical services from Summer storms.

Tornado in Highlands Ranch and Hail at Red Rocks

As mentioned, the start of Summer has brought a significant amount of severe storms to Denver and the surrounding metro neighborhoods. Last Thursday afternoon, a tornado occurred in Highlands Ranch, coinciding with the second consecutive day of intense storms in the southern and western regions of Denver. Wind speeds reached up to and may have exceeded 114 mph, according to radar in the area. According to the National Weather Service, preliminary assessments indicate that the tornado had a track approximately 6.3 miles in length and was classified as an EF-1 tornado. Large hail was also indicated from Littleton down to Castle Pines around 3:48 p.m., possibly as large as golf ball-sized.

The previous night, a large number of spectators at Red Rocks Amphitheatre experienced injuries caused by hail after 9 p.m. while they were eagerly anticipating a performance by Louis Tomlinson. Unfortunately, the concert had to be postponed as a result.

Summer storms and severe weather conditions like this can have a great impact on neighborhood infrastructure and services. Your home’s electrical service is no different and could have been damaged or degraded by the recent weather events.

Electrical Surges

The immense power behind lightning remains a mysterious phenomenon, perplexing our understanding. Its striking nature also adds to the uncertainty as to where it will ultimately hit. During a storm, it is crucial to acknowledge that lightning can potentially strike your residence, resulting in an electrical surge that can adversely impact your home’s electrical infrastructure. Such an event carries the risk of causing electrical components to malfunction, potentially leading to damage within your home’s electrical system.

If your home has suffered a lightning strike or an electrical power surge that left your electrical systems damaged, you will need to repair and replace some of those components. Obrien Electrical Contractors will be happy to assist in installing new electrical wiring for your home. Also, electrical surge protectors and updated electrical service panels must help combat any inconsistencies with electrical currents and service. 

Downed Power Lines

Downed power lines pose a potential hazard to your home’s electrical system. When intense storms occur, lightning can strike trees, causing them to fall and bring down nearby power lines. This situation increases the risk of fire or electrical issues within your property. At Obrien Electrical Contractors, we specialize in addressing electrical problems that affect your property but we highly recommend contacting your local electrical and power companies when damages to power lines occur. The power company and its technicians will safely address the problems or damages made by the storm.

Once the emergency services and utility companies have finished their tasks, we are ready to assist you in the process of restoring electricity to your home.

Electrical Shorts

If you’re facing a water leak from your roof, the intrusion of water into your home can pose significant problems for your electrical system. In certain cases, the leak can result in a short circuit, causing a loss of power in a specific room or even your entire home, depending on the affected area. Not only is a short circuit in a room an inconvenience, but it can also be hazardous. If the wiring remains energized, it can potentially lead to a fire within your walls.

At Obrien Electrical Contractors, we specialize in efficiently repairing issues related to damaged wiring. Our experienced team possesses the necessary expertise to restore full functionality to your room’s electrical system.

Whether you suspect storm-related damage to your home or wish to safeguard your property in anticipation of a storm, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We are eager to assist you in protecting your home.

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