Wiring & Outlets

Wiring and outlets complete your home’s electrical network, and it is good to consider residential electric services to maintain them. These are the access points to delivering power to drive all your appliances and devices and powering everything from lighting, heating, cooling, appliances, computers, and smart devices. It is essential to have home electric repair and update a fully-capable electrical system in your home in the modern home. Ensuring that your wiring and outlets work reliably is crucial to enjoying your home. O’Brien Electrical Contractors wants to make sure you are updated and understand what your home needs to be powered.

Replacing and Repairing Electrical Outlets

Did you know outlets do not have a set lifetime before they fail? Regular outlets that don’t see a lot of traffic or use might last for quite some time. While on the other hand, outlets that see daily use and abuse will most likely falter at some point, requiring a replacement or electrical repair. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, outlets do not have a recommended amount of helpful life, which might leave some homeowners wondering when the best time to have outlets for home electric repair is? Some hints are:

  • Plugged-in devices and appliances are not secure and will move around when connected.
  • Small pops and sizzles occur when plugging in devices and appliances.
  • A breaker is tripped during use

Repairing your home’s electric new circuit

If your home’s breakers have been tripping more frequently, it might be time to replace them with a new dedicated circuit. Replacing old faulty circuits is not the only reason for this home electric repair. If you have recently upgraded your appliances requiring more power or code upgrades are needed during a concurrent home improvement project. You will need to upgrade your circuit t ensure your home operates safely and adequately. For any home, make sure to reach out to a licensed electrician for your residential electric services. These electricians can help you as a homeowner determine which circuits need to be replaced, added, and integrated with your current electrical system. Updating your home with new circuits will:

  • Provide sufficient power throughout your home
  • Stop circuit breakers from tripping erroneously. 
  • Dedicated circuits are required by code for major appliances

220V / 240V Outlets

New household appliances are becoming more and more efficient with power use. However, some appliances will still require a more considerable amount of power than others. That is where installing a 220V or 240V might be necessary. Just like expanding your breaker box, you can expand your home’s access points to more power with the installation of additional or updated outlets that aren’t meant for heavy-duty lifting. Remember, when adding lines directly to the sub-panel or panel of your home, hiring a licensed electrician is recommended for safety.

Home Charging Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more prevalent on American roads. This trend is forecasted to continue with EVs and hybrids comprising an estimated 30% of all vehicle sales by 2025. Home charing is the most convenient way to charge your Electric Vehicle. However, many homeowners are unaware that dedicated circuits, increased power supply, and specific charging equipment may be necessary.