Electrical components in your home do need to be inspected and replaced after a certain amount of time. However, many homeowners are left with the shock and surprise of a sudden malfunction of a switch or outlet. Electrical devices and components in your home consisting of the main electrical panel, overhead wires, switches, outlets, GFCI, and more all need to be maintained which leads to the importance of having regular electrical repair to your Aurora, CO home. 

In fact, many homes in Aurora, CO were built before the 1990s and the average age of a Colorado home is around 50 years old.  With that amount of time, erosion on electrical devices and systems has definitely taken some use. Not to mention that the steady increase of dependency on electronics and appliances in our everyday lives, the sheer demand on your home electric systems needs to be kept in top shape.

Signs you need to schedule an electrical repair to update your home

  • Outlets and switches:
  • Two prong outlets are a sign that the ground in your home is not up to code
  • Outlets that seem to move or wobble in the wall can be an electrical hazard.
  • Outlets that won’t firmly hold a plug- if you plug something into an outlet and it is loose or falls out.
  • Switches that work intermittently or just feel like they aren’t working quite right.
  • Switches or outlets that are hot to the touch can be an indication of an overloaded circuit or an indication that the device is old/worn out.
  • Switches or outlets that are buzzing, humming, or making any sort of noise can be worn out or defective devices.
  • Using some sort of extension cord or power strip on your outlets because there are too few outlets available- code has evolved to require more outlets per room and a heavy reliance on “outlet extenders” can be a safety concern as you may be overloading your outlets and circuitry.
  • Absence of GFCI protection in the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor areas of your home.
  • Flickering lights can be related to a few different concerns around the house.
  • A home built in the 1960s or 1970s could have been built with aluminum wiring. Over time aluminum switch or outlet wiring will corrode where it is in contact with copper at connections to lighting and devices. The loose connections caused by the corrosion can cause electrical arcing and fires.
  • Frequently tripping breakers can be an indication of many things, including overloaded circuits or worn-out breakers.

The daily electrical demand in a modern home is much greater than a home from 20 years ago. So if you encounter any of these concerns in your Aurora, CO home you might be due for some much-needed electrical repair. An electrical system that is not adequately equipped to handle the strain from a household’s daily use can be dangerous. A proper evaluation of your home’s electrical systems from a licensed professional electrical contractor is important.