Was your home built before the 1940s? Do you have knob and tube wires running through your basement or attic? The electrical systems of older homes were not designed to handle today’s electrical demands.
The kitchen is the area where this is most noticeable, with the introduction of microwaves, coffee machines, toaster ovens, large refrigerators, and other appliances designed to make our lives more convenient. The load requirements for these appliances far exceed the design limitations of many older homes. Today’s electrical code requires smoke detectors in every bedroom; GFCI protection in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors, and in the garage; arc fault breakers that can detect a spark in a plugged-in appliance or lamp and eliminate any chance of fire or hazard. These are only a few of the hundreds of changes keeping us safer today. Our electricians have extensive experience working on older homes in Denver and surrounding neighborhoods.