Denver is no stranger to electric cars or EV, there even have been initiatives for infrastructure improvement to increase the amount of electric car charging stations around the area. However, it will take time for more and more electric car charging stations to be convenient everywhere. So if you are an owner of a home and an electric vehicle, you should consider the convenience of installing a home electric car charging station. Of course, there are some key points to consider before making a decision. 

Can you charge an electric car at home? 

The ability to charge your electric vehicle at your home is entirely dependent on the type of property you live in, and who owns it. If you are renting, then it is unlikely that you will have permission from the landlord to have a home electric car charging station. However, there is no problem just asking to be sure.

If you do own your home and you have a private driveway or garage, you should be clear to purchase a car charger. But, before you do, make sure your home has the wiring and electric service panel required for the job. A 240-volt outlet should be enough, but that is a step above the standard outfit in a home garage. So be sure to check and consult with your local electrical contractor. Installing and upgrading the service panel and wiring to handle a home electric car charging station can be a simple process. You can even contact us here for a quick rundown and estimate!


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What are the types of home electric car chargers?

For home electric vehicle charging, there are different types or levels of chargers available for consumers and homeowners. Each level has the benefit of bringing the convenience of charging at home but the performance differs from each tier as well as the cost.

Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charger

120 Volt, wall outlet, no installation or additional cost associated with this charging system.

Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger

240 Volt, requires installation and upgrade to home electric from the electrical contractor. Faster and more efficient charging at home.

Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charger

DC Fast Chargers, common for commercial and industrial properties. Prohibitively expensive. Not available for home installation.

Should I Install an Electric Car Charger For My Home?

If you have all the permissions, property, and funding available for the installation of an electric car charging station then it really comes down to your own discretion. Consider the following, do you have convenient charging stations around your neighborhood? Does your home’s utility company allow for extended electric use or have special use hours? There are a handful of things to consider outside your ability to install an electric car charger. But whatever they are, you as a homeowner have the choice. Be sure to make the right choice on electrician as well. Electrical work can be dangerous for DIY enthusiasts, so take a quick minute to reach out to electrical contractors for their insight and estimate.