Electricity is needed for just about every structure and building you see in your city. But not all buildings receive the same service or house the same electrical equipment. There is a difference between residential electrical contractors and commercial electrical contractors, while companies may offer both services the roles to complete those responsibilities differ in skill and scope. Obrien Electrical Contractors is proud to serve the Denver metro area by providing both residential and commercial electrical contractor services. For those who are inquiring about which service department is right for their needs, read more here.

What is a commercial electrical contractor?

A commercial electrical contractor is a type of electrician who installs, repairs, and updates electrical systems and other electrical components like transformers, receptacles, lighting, and generators in commercial buildings. 

Typically, a building that is operated by a business will fall under the category of commercial. Unlike residential, where a homeowner lives in their building. In addition, commercial buildings will either need to be built from the ground up or have regular electrical maintenance performed. Common commercial buildings that are found are office buildings, housing developments, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, and schools. These commercial buildings are intended to have a large number of people inside daily and are expected to handle their power consumption needs. Therefore, commercial electrical contractors are hired to handle these large-scale operations for either maintenance and upkeep or assisting in the development and construction.

What does a commercial electrical contractor do?

Typically, a commercial electrical contractor will be in charge of all things electrical throughout the construction process of a large building. A commercial electrical contractor will do the installation for security systems, wiring for all appliances (like HVAC), cabling, lighting, electrical wiring for specialized equipment, and installing equipment. 

During the design and build phases of a commercial construction project, the commercial electrical contractor will collaborate with building owners, architects, and consulting agencies. They will provide insight and guidance regarding conduits, pipes, routing, and load balancing to meet electrical code requirements. 

In addition to ground-up construction, commercial electrical contractors can also perform installs on smaller spaces. This is also known as tenant finishes, where a tenant (a business) rents space from an owner and then needs specific electrical work done to fit their needs. We see this common in department stores, restaurants, and office suites. Here in Denver, businesses are always moving and changing which means a quick and efficient electrical contractor is needed to get everyone up and running.

Commercial Electrical Contractors work with bigger systems

One way that residential electricians and commercial electricians vary in their job responsibilities is the size of the voltage systems they install, repair, or maintain. Residential electricians typically work with high voltage systems between 120 volts and 240 volts that supply homes with electrical power. In comparison, commercial electricians can work with extra high voltage systems that exceed 240 volts for large commercial buildings.

Because of the electrical voltage and loads, commercial buildings operated with a commercial electrical contractor will use different and larger wiring systems. Where a residential electrician will run simple wiring through wall joists and behind drywall, a commercial electrical contractor will run tube conduits and larger power supplies.

If you are in need of a commercial electrician, Obrien Electrical Contractors is more than ready to be of assistance. Our company has the ability to handle both residential and commercial-sized jobs with years of experience to back it up. For more information about our services and a quote, please contact us here.

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