Winter is coming. With winter right around the corner, that also means the cooler weather isn’t too far behind. Many homeowners start to experience issues and problems with their homes during the change of seasons. This is because the sudden changes in temperatures and conditions stress the home’s systems. Your home’s electrical system is no exception and you may want to take note of any signs your home might be due for a seasonal electrical checkup.

Preparing your Electrical system for cold weather,

Your home’s electrical system is responsible for powering other essential aspects of your house, for example, your HVAC system. Therefore, if you notice any degrading performance or issues accessing your home’s HVAC, Plumbing, and so on – take note if your electrical system might be the culprit. Beyond that, you can take these steps to make sure your home is in the right routine for cooler days and nights:

  • Change your ceiling fan rotation – most modern ceiling fans will have a switch available that change their rotation from counter-clockwise to clockwise. This will help move heat around in your home with less direct airflow.
  • Check your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors – ensure that all your alarms and detectors are working properly. If they need new batteries, please swap them out with fresh ones. If they are a wired system and you are unsure, call Obrien Electrical Contractors for assistance or even an appointment. The use of heating appliances in the winter increase drastically and if those have not been maintained well the risk for carbon monoxide poisoning increases.
  • Set your thermostat – make sure you have your home’s thermostat set at least above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is to protect your home’s plumbing and pipes from bursting or freezing. Another thing you can do to prepare is to use that thermostat to keep the temperature as even as possible throughout the day and night. This way you stop sudden spikes in usage that will incur more costs.

Notice your home’s electrical usage

By reintroducing heating appliances to your home’s daily routine, your household will be using more electricity. Keep an eye on the electric bill to make sure that the increase in electricity usage is making sense. If you notice large spikes in usage throughout the month and a stark increase in your bill, you might need to contact an electrician to find out why. In addition, pay attention to your lights, appliances, and outlets. If outlets are sparking or lights are dimming during the colder weather, some necessary upgrades might be needed. Especially for Denver’s older homes, a wiring upgrade is not as drastic as some homeowners envision and can be the best solution to your home’s electrical problems.

Does your home’s electrical system need more power?

To combat the colder weather in certain parts of your home, you might use a space heater or other heating appliances. Naturally, these items take up more open electrical outlets and that leads to a safety issue. Heating devices and appliances should NOT be used with an extension cord or extra outlet device. These devices (especially the cheaper variety) are not rated or designed to handle the extra power requirements of space heaters and electrical heating elements. This can led to harmful events like electrical fires or simply the dangerous electrical usage. If you find your self requiring more outlets within your home, reach out to your local electrician. You will be surprised how quick and affordable it is to add additional outlets and breakers to your home’s electrical system.

Have questions? Reach out to Obrien Electrical Contractors about scheduling a home electrical inspection. Or if you have more specific needs, just let us know.

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